recording audio

Employing a variety of techniques and the best microphones, I will capture your finest performance and provide you with everything you need to make a professional recording.


combining multiple tracks

One the tracking phase has been completed, I give your tracks the polish that they need by utilizing a range of superb rack equipment and plug-ins. I take your tracks and manipulate them to make your song sound as good as it possibly can.


optimizing the final mix

This is where I give your music the detail it deserves, and gets the product ready for release. It is recommended that you take an active role in shaping the sound of the master, and I am happy to guide you through this process with as much (or as little) input as you want to provide.


fun through learning music

Guitar lessons for all ages and skill levels. Learn to play in a professional recording studio from a qualified and patient instructor. I use a range of digital educational tools to help you improve your guitar playing.


  • Rehearse

  • Select your songs and arrangement

  • Be well rested before recording

  • Bring plenty of spare strings, sticks, etc.

  • Chill out - Recording is fun and a rewarding experience

  • Invite the engineer to a rehearsal

  • Fresh strings, drum heads and polish cymbals

  • Budget for more time than you will use

  • Practise with a click track

Recording Studio Brisbane
Recording Studio Brisbane
Recording Studio Brisbane